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  1. Annette Cheramie says:

    Hello, I am interested in being a custodian in the hospital. I have searched for the areas to apply, tho I am struggling in finding it. I have worked for the Lafourche Parish School Board for at least 5 years total, also I have worked for the JPTA program as a teenager working in the summer to earn money to buy my school clothes and to help out my parents. I am not a veteran, I do hope I can give back to those who has allowed me to have freedom. Wanting to give back as they have given of themselves to us. Could you direct me in the right direction to fill out the application?

    Annette Cheramie

  2. Jim Miller says:

    I would like to interface with the Building Manager.
    Would you please email me the contact information.
    Thank you

  3. Ryan says:

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    Call Ryan: 928-257-4657

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