Jazzland to Return to NOLA?

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Six Flags SiteThe site in New Orleans East that most New Orleanians know as the “old Six Flags” site was originally developed as a Jazzland Theme Park.  Six Flags purchased it and rebranded it in the early 2000s.

The site, owned by the city and vacant since Katrina, has been the subject many attempts to the land redeveloped.  The last RFP winner abandoned the project for feasibility reasons and the city issued a new RFP this month.

The Paidia Company, a Baton Rouge-based entertainment development group, has put forth a proposal to bring Jazzland back.  Under their plan, the 150-acre site would include a theme park, a water park, and a movie studio that would “allow for car chase scenes, pyrotechnics and other stunt work that needs a controlled environment for safety.”

Their plan calls for the restoration of the the Megazeph rollercoaster, an outdoor concert venue with seating for 3,000 to 5,000 and a 25,000-square-foot indoor theater venue, nature exhibits, and a fine dining restaurant staffed through Café Reconcile’s training program.

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11 Responses to Jazzland to Return to NOLA?

  1. Tunedrop.net says:

    YES! Bring Jazzland back!

  2. Jamie Hawkins says:


  3. Scout Kent says:

    Most New Orleanians know it as the old Jazzland, I’d say. No one called it Six Flags, ever.

  4. Joey Connor says:

    Epic fail!!! Do you really thinks kids across the country want to see armadillo’s, aligators, & nutria as theme park characters? How much are our “honest” (with a chuckle) politicians going to have their hands in on this? What about the lazy ass work habits of our so called workers here? This made the Original Jazz Land fail…thus it shall do again!

    I agree we need a theme park. But it has to be done on a bigger, more professionally run entertainment corporation!

  5. Leslie Goodrow says:

    Hire people from our local colleges. Keep the ignorant fools out of the employment pool. And just maybe it will succeed!

  6. Chanda Lynn says:

    Well i dont see why kids wouldnt want to see animals… look at busch gardens and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom…..

  7. Josh Daniel says:

    won me over with the waterpark…

  8. Mike Hochhalter says:

    With a Disney on each side of the country and 6 Flags sprinkled all over —Jazzland and the 6 Flags we had paled in comparison. Nobody is coming to N.O. to do an amusement park and the people that live around here are too few and do not have the bucks to spend for a day at the park. They would do better by just stop beating a dead horse.

  9. […] a possibility. According to Canal Street Beat, a Baton Rouge Development group has put forth a proposal to bring back Jazzland, in eastern New […]

  10. Karissa Whitmarsh says:

    Yall do realize that the land since then has sunk? All that was marsh land before they builted the them parks. They would have to remove the cement. Dig down at least 20 feet. Dump cement all in it and then level it with sand and cement it again for the land to be save and be able to with stand all the machines which would cause ticket prices to be very high the first few years after the park first opens.

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