New Shopping Center Planned For Old Home Depot At 500 N. Carrollton (We’ve Got Plans!)

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Check out the site plan for the redevelopment of 500 North Carrollton. This parcel most recently housed a Home Depot.

The whole parcel is to be demolished and rebuilt as a shopping center as shown in the plans below.  Confirmed tenants so far are CVS, TMobile and Petco.

The developers are The Rouses Land Company, which is the real estate arm of Rouses Grocery Stores.

Taking charge of this development makes sense for Rouses since it will allow them to prevent any more grocery chains from coming to this prime stretch of Carrollton.

The site is directly across from Stirling Properties’ Mid-City Market shopping development and a Winn Dixie.

Heres what the site currently looks like:



Site Rendering Below:




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23 Responses to New Shopping Center Planned For Old Home Depot At 500 N. Carrollton (We’ve Got Plans!)

  1. daybreaker2 says:

    Nice! I feel bad for Jefferson Feed having to compete with a Petco right there, though. I had heard about the CVS, but also heard a Starbucks was coming too? I kind of hope the omission means they backed out. There’s already enough good coffee in the immediate area with Monkey Monkey and Bean Gallery.

  2. Hunter King says:

    More chains, more competition for good local businesses a block away… all we really want is a hardware store.

  3. Midcity42 says:

    Where, exactly, will anybody park? This is an over ambitious plan to oversell retail space with no consideration for the neighborhood that will be glutted up by people desperate to park or those who work there and not allowed to park in the front lot. Just look at the development across the street to see how well that worked out.

    • Jawznola says:

      Actually parking’s never a problem for me when I shop and eat in that particular development in which you speak of. Neighborhood organizations make too much of a fuss behind parking when actually these developments boost property values astronomically and also hinder crime by eliminating blight.

  4. Christy says:

    I would love to see a hardware store, or a fabric store…it’s a little upsetting that Rouses, a “local company” didn’t think it would be a good idea to have more local businesses.

  5. caspian915 says:

    Blech. This is all pointless, though I’m sure Rouses made out pretty well. CVS and Walgreens aren’t going to be competing much, PetCo vs Jefferson Feed not really either, except maybe to drive the latter out of business, and T-Mobile? I used to work in one of those stores, and frankly, it really is for the most part just a giant, expensive billboard. Not a whole lot gets done in store these days, and most of the people employed don’t care or don’t know much beyond the games on their own phone…

    But uh yeah, Rouses really cares about the community…

  6. progressive values says:

    PetCo right across from Jefferson Feed. Corporate vultures.

  7. Jeff Roland says:

    This is terrible. Another drug store? REALLY???

    I agree with Hunter and others. We need a hardware store. I also agree with daybreaker2, Petco will ruin Jefferson Feed. Fetch has already gone out of business, not sure if we need a mega pet store here.

    Caspian915, I’m not sure you know what the definition of competition is. If Petco puts Jefferson Feed out of business is BECA– USE of competition. And of course CSV and Walgrees will compete for business – why on earth would you say that they wont compete? That’s the whole purpose of putting a CSV 4 blocks from a Walgreens. That’s how these drug stores model their businesses – Claiborne at Napoleon Ave are case in point.


    This is a horrible plan. What are you doing to my favorite neighborhood in New Orleans? This is not what Mid-City needs! Bring more local businesses, not corporate drug stores. Isn’t there a Walgreens a couple blocks away, and another CVS and probably another Walgreens within a mile? Wake up and do something good.

  9. John Barkowski says:

    More big box stores- great! Isn’t it ironic that Rouses grocery chain preaches “shopping local” yet their real-estate arm extends out to big box stores. We already have a Walgreens and Jefferson Feed is great for pet needs- we don’t need a CVS or a Petco- who even uses T-Mobile????

  10. Anthony F says:

    Welcome to the zipcode CVS, T-mobile and Petco. You join a long actual history of this area having both local and national stores side-by-side that stretches back at least 50 years and probably longer. Pharmacies are what are built in areas with hospitals and doctors offices and CVS’s investment in our area reflects that and this represents a restoration of the, at least, 3 pharmacies that we had prior to the storm. I’d like to point out also, to all those complaining, that there are 7 more spaces available for lease in this development and local companies are probably quite free to lease those. Perhaps some of those complaining would like to open a new business in this development that more closely meets their needs. Or they could tell some of their favorite local stores about the availability of space here in Mid City. I welcome folks who are investing in our area and bringing in much needed jobs and sales tax revenue to the area. Personally I would have preferred a Target but since their model includes food I’m sure Rouses didn’t want the competition.
    I echo that it would be great to have a hardware store or a fabric store or a linens and/or housewares store or clothing (our retail needs are deep- and I am grateful every day for the Costco) in one of the other available slots. Those who want to bring back Harry’s are seeing that store through rose-colored glasses as the hardware department at Armstrong was superior and had MUCH better customer service, and even the customer service at our little Home Depot was better.
    Build it Rouse’s Land Company. Build it now. Let’s get this started!

  11. mike953 says:

    Did Rouses also buy the property behind that Home Depot used? Across N Scott? Will the City fix N Scott? And frequently,I cannot find parking at Winn Dixie across the street.

  12. Editor B says:

    It appears that all those shops turn their back on the greenway. I hope I’m reading that wrong. What a missed opportunity.

  13. Cherie Faget says:

    I just love living on the NEW VETERANS HWY. My neighbors and I already cannot get out of our driveways on N. Carrollton Ave and the tractor trailer truck traffic is ridiculous and causing damage to our homes. What has happened to my peaceful neighborhood. These kind of developments will only devalue our property values.

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  15. Fat Harry says:

    Hardware Store please!!!

  16. The King says:

    Welp. Better than nothing.

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  18. polyincorrectsynic says:

    So the box WAS a Winn Dixie which closed before the hurricane, then became a Home Depot after the hurricane now a squeezed-in chopped-up chain store mess. No uniformity
    of signage. VETERANS HWY BLIGHT.

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