Mixed-Use Building w/Massive 40,000 SF Dave & Buster’s Planned for 1200 Poydras.

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Plans were filed with the city in the past month for a massive multi-use structure at the corner of Loyola Ave and Poydras Street. The first floor will contain large amounts of retail, floors 2-5 will contain parking and the sixth floor will house a 40,000 square foot Dave & Busters. Another interesting design feature of the project is the large LED ticker screen on the corner of the building.

Also, nice touch from the architects showing a 34-14 Saints over Panthers Score lol

Heres a picture of the surface parking lot that is currently there:



Floorplans and Renderings Below:

dave1 dave8 dave2 dave3 dave4

dave5 dave6 dave7




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17 Responses to Mixed-Use Building w/Massive 40,000 SF Dave & Buster’s Planned for 1200 Poydras.

  1. petey says:

    This won’t end well

    • Cmb6091 says:

      i sure hope it does. I feel as if the latest crime sprees have given residents and our representatives a wake up call on priorities. Silver lining in everything

    • Becca says:

      How would it not end well? Do u not realize that this means more job’s for people in the city? This would probably help the crime decrease!!!!

  2. Chris Adams says:

    Metairie would be a better location. But they are looking at the tourist profit.

    • Cori Cundiff says:

      Some of us actually like to stay in the city after work. I think this is a great idea!

    • Cmb6091 says:

      This would be two blocks from my work and 5 minuet drive for me from the garden district. I hope they build it. I hate having to drive further than 10 minuets, I hate having to drive period.

    • Becca says:

      Hopefully after they see how much business they’ll be getting in the city they would build one in Metairie also!!! That would be awesome!!!

    • Scang says:


  3. Becca says:

    Yes!!!! It’s about time we get our own Dave and Busters. I hope after this they build one in Metairie too.

  4. Clayton Allen Turner says:

    Wonderful idea! Metairie has everything! I wanna spend my tax dollars in my parish of Orleans!

  5. quen says:

    Why do ppl always want every damn thing in Metairie? Gesh!! Other parts of Louisiana do exist. More fun for us since you all can’t drive out your zip code.

  6. gingit4 says:

    I’m for it. You need a car to get to Metairie and I rely on public transportation.

  7. […] Canal Street Beat broke the story earlier this month that a large mixed use development containing a 40,000 sqft Dave and Busters was coming to 1200 Poydras street. Now, we have additional detailed renderings of the proposed structure, as well as the layout of the future Dave and Busters. Check below for the new renderings and what Dave and Busters will look like! […]

  8. Fa$e pla$e says:

    Yes we are sick of going too other cities New orleans East should be the place !!

  9. Slidell is a better place

  10. The old slidell mall

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