Changes Involving Housing, Transportation, and Parks Coming to Master Plan

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Photo of downtown New Orleans via NOLA Aerial Drone’s Facebook Page

The City’s five-year old Master Plan may have new changes coming soon, as the City Planning Commission will consider a variety of proposed amendments today (Feb. 7).

The plan was approved in 2010 and designed to guide zoning and city planners through 2030.  Now that we are a decade past Katrina, the City opened the plan up for changes and sought recommendations on how to improve.

There are 121 proposed amendments on the docket today, and has a pretty good summary of some of the highlights, which you can check out here (or read all 121 here).

Some of the key highlights include changes to housing, transportation, and parks.  For housing, the proposed changes emphasize retail and mixed-use developments along transit corridors and the preservation and expansion of affordable housing options in high priced neighborhoods.

Transportation changes propose a more environmentally sensitive transit system, boosting bikeways, and quicker RTA times.

Park upgrades include integrating art in to public spaces and providing more parks in underserved areas.

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