City Council Denies Demolition Request On Tchoupitoulas

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Photo via Google Maps
Photo via Google Maps

The Uptown Messenger reports that the New Orleans City Council has denied a business owner’s request to demolish three homes in front of  Uptown Car Wash in the 5500 block of Tchoupitoulas.

This is Uptown Car Wash’s second request to demo the three homes, located at 5514-16, 5518-20 and 5522-24 Tchoupitoulas.  The first attempt was in 2012 to demolish the homes and redevelop the parcels into retail.

That plan was rejected by the council, with support from the Preservation Resource Center and the Louisiana Landmark Society.

This time around, Uptown Car Wash just sought to demolish the buildings altogether to make the car wash business more visible.

Councilwoman Susan Guidry led the charge to reject their request, citing her desire to save the historical housing stock of the city.



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One Response to City Council Denies Demolition Request On Tchoupitoulas

  1. Kurt Douglas Johnson says:

    Historical? those kind houses are a dime a dozen in New Orleans, what exactly are they “preserving”? Same old anti-business climate amongst N.O. politicians, nothing changes I see!!!

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