New Orleans Condos….How do Common Areas and Amenities Effect the Value of your Condo..?

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 Besides Location, Condition, Size and Parking in the New Orleans Condo Market; Common Areas are becoming a more important factor in value and in demand.  More people want areas where they can relax without going outside the complex.  These amenities are courtyards, pools, gyms, lobbies, atriums and things that add to the pleasure of condo living in the city of New Orleans.

      One of the best ways is to show you the types of things that you will not often see from the outside of the condo complex. So lets take a look at some of my favorite ones….Lets start with the pools.  It is as much as the visual images as people wanting to swim.  Having a pool in the courtyard is so soothing and cooling on a Summer day and we have plenty of those. Water tends to have the relaxing effect…..

     What a great way to meet new people.  A great way to bond with your friends.  Your pets like the outside areas where allowed. If this is a second home then you want and appreciate areas to relax and enjoy family and friends. Most courtyards have grilling areas and grills.  Just bring your own food and drink. No need to drive or dress up if you just have to walk out your door….

     Take a look at some of the condo complexes and see what you are missing or have not seen what some of the common areas look like.  The better the areas are kept up then the more valuable in the long run.  Most are well kept and clean everyday.  You do pay for these in your condo fees.

Condos on Chartres Street, Pool and Courtyard

French Condos On Chartres

837 Royal Street L, Courtyard and Mini Pool

French Quarter Condos on Royal Street

917 Toulouse Condo Association , New Orleans French Quarter

French Quarter Condos on Toulouse

420 Old Hammond Highway, 329 , Courtyard views

Pontchartrain Place Condos in Metairie

3915 St. Charles Ave. Condos, View from front Door. St. Charles Gardens Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave., St Charles Gardens

3126 Edenborn Condo, Pool and Patio

Villa D’ Orleans, Edenborn in Metairie

448 Julia Street Condos, Roof Top Views

Gallery Row Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

1107 S. Peters, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Gym and Pool

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Warehouse District

1107 S. Peters, Federal Fibre Mills Condos, Courtyard

Federal Fibre Mills Courtyards

1750 St. Charles Ave. 639 Large Courtyard

1750 St. Charles Ave. Condos, New Orleans

448 Julia Street Condo, Gallery Row Condos, Courtyard

448 Julia Street, New Orleans Warehouse District

3300 St. Charles Ave, Commodore Condos in New Orleans3300 St. Charles Avenue Condo Entrance

700 S. Peters Condos, First floor Atrium700 S. Peters Condos, Light and Atrium

837 Royal Street L,Courtyard and Pool. French Quarter Condos

817 Royal Street Condos, Courtyard and Fountains

1107 413 Federal Fibre Mill Condos, Lobby

Federal Fibre Mills Condos, The Lobby

333 Julia Street 213, Julia Place Condos Club house on Roof

Rooftop at Julia Place, Warehouse District

Federal Fibre Mills Gym, New Orleans Warehouse District Condos

3915 St. Charles Ave. Gym and workout room. St. Charles Gardens

Metroview Condos, Balconies with Ken, Metairie Condos

Cotton Mill Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District, Front door 920

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