Palmer Authors Legislation to Support Affordable Housing

by • February 22, 2019 • NewsComments (0)2326

Councilmember Kristin Palmer has proposed a new motion (motion M-19-73) that would amend the City’s zoning law to require developments along the riverfront in the Marigny and Bywater to include at least 10 percent of affordable housing units in order to qualify for additional density and height limits, up to a maximum of six stories or 75 ft.

The City Planning Commission (CPC) previously proposed these provisions, which already exist along the Algiers riverfront. The riverfront includes properties between the Mississippi River and Chartres or Decatur streets in the Marigny and Bywater communities. Developments closest to the street would still be limited to avoid having large buildings looming over nearby properties.

“There’s a severe shortage of affordable housing in our city, and we must look at every new development as an opportunity to put affordable units back into the local housing market. We also must recognize the neighbors in Treme who have been fighting for years for a park to provide a safe, accessible public space for the community to gather and enjoy. We don’t need to choose between affordable housing and a public park; we can have both and make the neighborhood a better place to live. I believe the type of development outlined in this resolution can create vibrant mixed-income neighborhoods with all the public services and the amenities necessary to support our citizens, regardless of economic status,” said Councilmember Palmer in a statement.

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