Plans for New Parking Garage at 412 O’Keefe Avenue

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Plans were submitted with the city this week for a conditional use to allow a standalone parking garage at 412 O ‘Keefe Avenue. The garage is planned for the rest of the block bordered by Penn Street, O’Keefe Avenue and Perdido Street.


Here’s a view of the surface parking lot that is currently there:



According to the plans filed with the city, the garage will have 8 levels of parking for a total of 573 parking spaces. Current plans do not include any street level retail but given the location of the garage on less trafficked corridors that is no surprise. However, the VIP garage area looks to be something that could be converted to street level retail when/if market demand justifies it. Here are the specs of the building according to the plans provided.




Given the size of this block, this will be a fairly massive garage, so its good to see the attention to street level interaction and the facade itself. Definitely, a huge improvement over the current surface parking that is there. As far as city approvals I wouldn’t expect many problems. Only things that may change a bit are the facade or street level details depending on staff recommendations at city planning.


The rest of the architectural plans are below:


okeefe1 okeefe2 okeefe3 okeefe4 okeefe5 okeefe6 okeefe7 okeefe8







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