Royal Brewery New Orleans Becomes 33rd Brewery in Louisiana

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There’s a brand new brewery in New Orleans. Meet Royal Brewery New Orleans, located at 7366 Townsend Place, a brewery dedicated to creating hand crafted beer for your refreshment, celebration and joyous occasions in life. The brewery is the 33rd licensed brewery in Louisiana.

After identifying several locations in 2015, the husband and wife founders, Mandy and Raymond Pumilia, settled on the location. The build out in New Orleans East was completed this month and the team is ready to begin brewing.

Raymond is the Head Brewer, a craft he has been mastering since the 1990s. “Intent on achieving his goal of opening a craft brewery where he could combine his passion for the science behind brewing craft beer with his family’s love for the art of cooking and entertaining, Raymond and his wife Mandy spent the next year researching and writing a business plan for their brewery, not knowing where the brewery would be located or how their plans would solidify,” shared Royal Brewery. “After completing the first draft of the business plan, the Pumilias set out to identify the best location and funding opportunities for their dream.”

Mandy told Canal Street Beat they will be brewing their Culicidae Ale first. Raymond also works with another head brewer, Michael Ogden, a New Orleans native who previously worked at Abita, one of the largest breweries in the state.

There are a ton of breweries popping up around New Orleans. Check out past Canal Street Beat about the newly opened Wayward Owl Brewery.

This weekend is also Drafts for Crafts, a beer-focused fundraiser taking place at its new venue, the US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center at the World War II Museum. Ticket sales from the event helped fund the decade-long restoration of PT-305, The National WWII Museum’s WWII combat-veteran patrol-torpedo boat.

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