Second Line Brewing to Open 12,000 Square Foot Mid-City Brewhouse This Summer

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The Second Line Guys.  Photo via

The Second Line Guys. Photo via

Second Line Brewing is gearing up to begin brewing craft beer this summer in a 12,000 square foot Mid-City warehouse.

Founder Mark Logan began his career as a polymer chemist and eventually went back to school and became a physician assistant. During a recent stint in Alaska, Logan and his wife fell in love with the craft beers in the Anchorage area and began homebrewing.

“With my first fermentation I was hooked; my  enjoyment of beer and my love of science and experimentation suddenly aligned,” Logan told Canal Street Beat.

The duo was at a point where they could choose to pursue their dreams and what they truly appreciated in life–craft beer. We looked at the craft beer landscape in Louisiana and realized that there was significant upside potential for a craft brewery in New Orleans. For the last two years, they have been working non-stop to get the brewery off the ground.

The brewery, located at at 433 N. Bernadotte Street, is owned by Logan, his wife and three friends. Logan said he got lucky with the location after researching areas and deciding on Mid-City. “While we were still in Alaska, I answered an advertisement on Craigslist for a warehouse in Mid-City.  The location was great, close to the Lafitte Greenway, Delgado, City Park and rest of Mid-City,” he continued.

Logan said the building was basically a blank slate at the beginning, and the team is now nearing the end of renovations. With a solid foundation and tall ceilings, the 13-foot tall fermenters fit perfectly.

Second Line has two brewing systems, a 15bbl production system and a 1bbl pilot system.  The 15 bbl system will be used for their flagships beers, namely a Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale (IPA).  They are launching a pilot system will allow them to do recipe development and experiment with new beer ideas.

Logan said the brewery is located directly next to the proposed expansion of the Lafitte Greenway, which currently sits just four blocks away. Second Line will eventually take advantage of the proximity to the greenway by opening a small tap room.

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  1. Ed Wallace says:

    I look forward to its opening.

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