Check Out The New Plans For The St. Roch Market!

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strochmarketThe developers behind the new St. Roch market filed electrical permit plans with the City this week. While these are not the full plans, there is enough here to get an idea of what the interior of the  building is going to look like when open. 

The market will feature a juice bar, a salad bar, an area for parties and baked goods, an oyster and fresh seafood bar, a coffee vendor, prepared foods, and a bar.  They will also feature an area for selling wine and sundried, packaged foods.

The market includes 6,800-square-feet of leasable space with about a dozen vendor stalls in the front of the building. It also includes kitchen and restaurant space, along with outdoor seating.

The St. Roch Market was built in 1875 as an open-air market. A renovation in 1914 fully enclosed the Market and full renovation was completed 1937 as part of Works Progress Administration efforts in New Orleans. In 1945, the City leased the St. Roch Market to a private owner for use as a seafood restaurant.  The building has remained vacant since Hurricane Katrina.


We are excited for it to open!

Check out the layout below:





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