The Fastest Growing Neighborhoods in NOLA

A map showing a targeted area of the city from ULI's Hines competition.

A map of mid-city from ULI’s Hines competition.

On Monday (Aug. 15), the Data Center released its new population counts by neighborhood, showing which areas of the city have rebounded after Hurricane Katrina.

We’ve taken a look at the findings, and included some of the conclusions below.

Overall, there are 20 neighborhoods that now have more people than before Katrina, 13 of which did not flood.

More than half of all neighborhoods (40 out of 72), have recovered over 90 percent of the pre-Katrina population.

Between 2010 and 2015, the city’s population grew 13 percent, with 67 of 72 neighborhoods experiencing gains.  The CBD was the fastest growing neighborhood, which added 1,1818 residences since 2010. The top five neighborhoods are:

  1. The CBD

  2. Mid-City

  3. Gert Town

  4. Leonidas

  5. Tulane-Gravier

You can download the entire Data Center report here, which was uploaded by our friends at  They also compiled a pretty nice report on the top 15 cities, which you can see here.

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