Waffle House Building New Restaurant Next to the VA Medical Center (2500 Canal St.)

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Waffle House is planning to build a restaurant at the corner of Canal Street and South Rocheblave across the street from the future VA Medical Center.

According to city records, Waffle House plans to build a standard restaurant with 10 off street parking spaces. The restaurant is required to go through some design review with the city planning commission, so its likely there may be some changes to the overall layout. Regardless,  I’m sure the restaurant( which serves breakfast 24 hours) will be very popular with the future hospital staff in the area.

Heres what the site looks like today:




Plans and renderings below:


waffle1 waffle2 waffle3 waffle4 waffle5







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4 Responses to Waffle House Building New Restaurant Next to the VA Medical Center (2500 Canal St.)

  1. Leon. says:


  2. matimal says:

    What a waste of precious space.

  3. Craig in MC says:

    I’m so irritated about this….as a local that just moved to mid-city to escape the constant “go-go-go” and noise of downtown, this 24 hour WH across the street from me is going to bring crime, noise, trash, and headaches…how about the VA open a 24-hour cafeteria if their goal is to hit the overnight workers…

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