Airbnb Users Create Nonprofit to Help Regulate Short-Term Rentals

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Short term rental marketplace

Short term rental marketplace

A non profit organization supporting the regulation and legalization of short term rentals has launched recently in New Orleans, and will be holding their first official meeting from 6 to 8pm July 8th at Jefferson Parish’ West Bank Regional Library.

The group of 22 members call themselves ‘The Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity’, and began meeting in February to discuss how best to regulate short term vacation rentals within the city and minimize, or eliminate, problem rentals.

The group is comprised primarily of renters who use their properties as investments, or to supplement their own income, and are campaigning for regulation and legalization of short term rentals that would follow the same safety requirements and be taxed in the same way as a Bed and Breakfast, since currently there is a city ordinance in the French Quarter that prohibits unlicensed property owners from renting rooms for less than 60 days (or as little as 30 days in other areas of the city).

The ANP argues that the housing it’s fighting for will be a boon to the economy and tourism of the area, and will ultimately benefit the city and it’s residents.

The group has commissioned a study from the University of New Orleans Kabacoff School of Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management to help them determine the potential revenue that could be generated by short term rentals in the city if they were to be taxed in the same way a Bed and Breakfast is.

ANP will serve as a self governing entity, and aim to ensure the quality of residential housing stock, improve neighborhoods, and address any concerns from neighbors.


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