Check Out Scurlock’s Plan & Renderings For Six Flags Site [VIDEO]

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Last week, several developers proposed new projects for the abandoned Six Flags site in New Orleans East.

One proposal involved purchasing the land and rebuilding Jazzland, one involved using the scrap materials for playgrounds around New Orleans.

A final proposal by business man Frank Scurlock involved a $120 million “Festival Theme Park, The Spirit of Louisiana.”  The park would feature residential towers, and word class hotel, a lake, a meditation observatory, and thousands of square feet of retail and restaurants.  Scurlock pitched a “Transformation Village” concept back in 2014.

We’ve got the video from Scurlock that shows renderings and the scope of the project.  Check it out below.



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3 Responses to Check Out Scurlock’s Plan & Renderings For Six Flags Site [VIDEO]

  1. polyincorrectsynic says:

    New Orleans is an adult town – the kids part are all the parades/costumes. If they want kids stuff -real professional kids stuff they go 6 hours to Houston or 12 hours to Disney,
    There is not a critical mass of spending teens for this. Six flags had a lot of young walkers buying one drink, staying out late – no spending.

  2. Uptowner says:

    Does he have financial backing for this or is it just a pie in the sky idea? I have a hard time believing that this is financially feasible.

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