Developers Propose New Plans To Redevelop Six Flags Site

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Six Flags SiteOn Tuesday (April 12), the New Orleans Industrial Development Board listened to pitches from a handful of developers on what they wanted to do with the abandoned Six Flags site in New Orleans East.

Several proposals to redevelop the site have come forth in recent years, including one to resurrect Jazzland.  All, however, have cratered for various reasons, and the IDB put forth an RFP towards the end of 2014 for new plans.

Three developers pitched their ideas to the board this week:

  1. Business man Frank Scurlock pitched a $120 million “Festival Theme Park, The Spirit of Louisiana.”  The park would feature residential towers, and word class hotel, a lake, a meditation observatory, and thousands of square feet of retail and restaurants.  Scurlock pitched a “Transformation Village” concept back in 2014.

  2. One developer wanted to purchase the property for $2.5 million and revive Jazzland.

  3. Another developer wanted to use the abandoned materials and scrap and install it at playgrounds around New Orleans.

Apparently the board didnt love any of the ideas, and as a next step decided to get the land appraised before doing anything more.  Stay tuned…


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3 Responses to Developers Propose New Plans To Redevelop Six Flags Site

  1. Craig Anderson says:

    “The Board” seems to be a bunch of idiots. These proposals have been coming for years and they “Need to get the land appraised”? Unfortunately the site will lie in ruin until someone comes along and lines someone else’s pockets. What a joke, but then again we all knew that already

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