Round #2 for 1035 Tchoupitoulas

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Yesterday plans were filed with the HDLC for ARC review later this month for an apartment project at 1035 Tchoupitoulas Street.


Here’s  the description submitted to the city:

“FOR ARC REVIEW ONLY. DO NOT BEGIN FULL SAFETY AND PERMITS REVIEW. Construction of new multi-story mixed-use 10-story building including a restaurant on floors 1-2, residential flats (19 total) on floors 3-8 and a 2-story penthouse on floors 9-10. Zoning waivers will include elimination of required setbacks from sides and back of building at residential levels (20’) and off-street parking reduction. Project includes balconies projecting over the sidewalk along Tchoupitoulas St. and recessed on the Annunciation St. side. Approximately 926 sq. ft. of enclosed living space projects over the sidewalk along Tchoupitoulas St. to depths of 9’-0” and 12’-0”. Expansive glazing will be used on the east and west façades. Smooth plaster, metal panels and living (green) walls comprise the majority of exterior materials. Massing is manipulated by floor and zone to create a layered composition along Tchoupitoulas St. and on the Annunciation St. side, and emphasize verticality. The penthouse includes generous private rooftop terraces for the owner, with an area for a green roof component. Three off-street parking spaces are provided in a private garage which will utilize an existing curb cut on Tchoupitoulas St. Due to the small size of the site (approximately 3,600 sf), the project will seek various waivers during the permitting process in order to maximize leaseable square footage while maintaining life safety and building integrity. Increase in the FAR will be sought as a conditional use. ”


This is the second time for this project to be proposed. This past May the project failed to garner support from the city council for the waivers it was seeking. At the time, Councilmember Cantrell said she was in support of a project here but thought that it needed some tweaks in overall design. As you can see in the before and after comparisons below, the developer is hoping to address many of the previous concerns with this revised design. As always, stay tuned for news as this project progresses.


For more information on the previous incarnation of this project check out these previous articles here ; here ; here  and here.  


Renderings and Plans for the newest version of

1035 Tchoupitoulas (The Granaio ) below:


1035tchoup 1035tchoup1 1035tchoup2 1035tchoup3 1035tchoup4 1035tchoup5 1035tchoup6 1035tchoup7 1035tchoup8 1035tchoup9 1035tchoup10 1035tchoup11 1035tchoup12 1035tchoup13 1035tchoup14 1035tchoup15 1035tchoup16 1035tchoup17


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