Suggestions For A Smooth Office Relocation

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So, you’ve decided to move and have signed the lease for your new offices.  You and your team are excited, but somewhat apprehensive because move-in day is looming.

What can you do to ease the pain? When you hire a tenant rep agent at Corporate Realty, we not only help you find space and negotiate a lease, but we can help guide you through the process all the way until you move in.

Here are some suggestions for a smooth office relocation:


  •  Make sure Building Management personnel have dedicated a freight elevator for your exclusive use, at hours convenient to you,
  • Inform IT consultants/personnel of the impending move-in date/time in order to expedite installation of needed equipment and software,
  •  The relocation is a team effort.  Designate a person (or people) as the Relocation Team to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and fun.  Provide t-shirts with the move-in date or new address to create an atmosphere of pulling together,
  •  Provide refreshments to the Team, particularly if over a full day, or late evening,
  •  Designate one person as the decision-maker for the day, making sure the movers are not delayed waiting for the usual decision-maker to be found,
  •  Have someone on-site to oversee deliveries – this will prevent finger-pointing, and possibly missing a critical delivery,
  •  If possible, schedule your company’s workload and commitment deadlines to accommodate the interruption of the move to avoid additional stress, and
  •  Create a positive atmosphere around the relocation, including press releases, blog posts, etc. to emphasize the positive energy that comes with fresh, new surroundings!

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