The Advocate: Zoning Changes Spurring Development on Metairie Road

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Rendering of the new golf simulator Loft 18 at 3128 Metairie Rd.

Two years after Jefferson Parish modified the zoning on Metairie Road to encourage “a more neighborhood-like feel”, the changes are paying off with new developments for Old Metairie, according to a recent article in The Advocate.

Towards the end of 2015, the Jefferson Parish Council created a “commercial parkway pedestrian overlay” that changed required design standards for new construction on Metairie Road between Severn Avenue and Arlington Drive.  Those new rules allow for building closer to the street frontage, require parking in the back of the buildings to create a more urban environment, and require a certain amount of windows on the street frontage, among other changes.

There have been seven new construction projects to receive approval since the changes were made.  Developments include two-story pilates studio Club Pilates, the indoor golf simulator Loft 18, three-story office and retail building Old Metairie Commons, and a new three story retail building featuring a Shipley Donuts, and many more. Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects designed the building.

Check out the article with more details here.

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