Cafe Habana (aka Habana Outpost) Files New Permits

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Looks like Habana Outpost or Cafe Habana is back on. The following description accompanied the most recent  permits filed on August 13th  for 1040 Esplanade Avenue.

” VCC submission for the renovation of existing structures located at 1040 Esplanade and rampart street to house a new restaurant – Cafe Habana. The current property is mixed use with residential on the 2nd floor and unoccupied commercial space on the first floor.”


No indication if this will be the same design as before or a completely new one. As always, stay tuned for new renderings if and when they become available!

The contractor for the renovation is Palmisano Contractors LLC.

Cafe Habana is a restaurant that was started by Sean Meenan in New York City. There are now several locations: the original in Manhattan, and outposts in Brooklyn, New York and Malibu, California.

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One Response to Cafe Habana (aka Habana Outpost) Files New Permits

  1. brooklynsandy says:

    as a long-suffering neighbor in Brooklyn, not only has
    Habana Outpost intruded on the neighborhood historical aesthetics with
    its chain link fence and plastic flowers…which
    some of us could live with if he were a truly considerate retail
    partner…but Meenan has promoted an onslaught of loud…thoughtless
    amplified events impacting adjacent residents who have to put up with
    outdoor movies…social networked block parties drawing in throngs of
    motorcyclists…and varying degrees of faulty sanitation as described in
    the NYC Dept of Health and Hygiene.

    All the redrawn
    plans in the world…and all the disingenuous protestations of being a
    recycling -eco-friendly proprieter…will never justify allowing him to proceed. The example he has set
    for those of us who actually live in Ft Greene, near this
    establishment is the reality…everything else…sheer hype…Follow the money NOLA and be forewarned.

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