Tracage Development Gets Approval From New Orleans City Council

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Tracage2The New Orleans City Council voted along with the Historic District Landmark Commission to let developers erect a 16-story apartment building known as Tracage in the Warehouse District.

The council voted 6-0 to approve the Historic District Landmark Commission’s vote for the Tracage building to be built on the edge of the Warehouse District.  Neighborhood residents had appealed the HDLC’s decision in November, complaining that it was out of character with the nieghborhood.

Before the vote, many residents spoke out against the project. covered the meeting:

“If that’s not a spot zone, then there’s no such thing as a spot zone,” said Russ Herman, who owns a condominium next to the site for the high-rise. Herman, a lawyer, also said he feared that allowing the 186-foot-tall building would open the door for future developers to begin reaching for the skies in the district.

“I know these developers are proud of their building, but Frankenstein was proud of his monster,” Herman said.

Paula Peer and Peter Trapolin, architect for the Tracage, spoke in favor of the development, explaining how they have already made concessions to lower the building from 40 stories down to 16.

The location of the Traçage in the warehouse district, where Annunciation Street meets the Pontchartrain Expressway, will include 140 luxury rate apartments, 6,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor and155 parking spots.

Traçage was originally proposed and approved in 2005 with no height limit. The original groundbreaking was set for 2007, with Spectrum Capital as the financier.  Neighbors were pissed at the size of the building and sued to prevent it.  The case went all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court where the developers eventually won, but it delayed the project almost 8 years.  New Orleans-based developer TJ Iarocci is developing the project.

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2 Responses to Tracage Development Gets Approval From New Orleans City Council

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  2. polyincorrectsynic says:

    It there’s any place to build a 40 story building it is next to a freeway!! Ask any homeowner
    who got stuck next to a freeway when the freeway was built. Be a lot more elegant
    than this squat box.

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