Constitutional Amendment Would Allow City To Sell Abandoned Lower 9th Ward Lots For $100

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State Representative Wesley reports that state representative Wesley Bishop has introduced a bill in the legislative session that would amend the Louisiana Constitution to allow New Orleans to sell or donate abandoned or blighted properties in the Lower 9th Ward to private citizens at a price of no more than $100 per property!

Whoa nelly!

The Constitution allows the city to donate abandoned and/or blighted properties to nonprofits only.

The contracts for properties sold under this new program will include safeguard provisions to prevent developers from buying up large tracts of land and building projects that don’t fit in with the character of the neighborhood or people from buying these lots for $100 and reselling them for a higher price, Bishop told

Now to actually get the amendment passed, Bishop will need two-thirds of the state House and Senate to vote in his favor, and then to the voters for final approval.

You can read the entire article here.


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