Step Inside The Quisby, New Orleans’ Newest Hostel

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Located at 1225 Saint Charles Ave., The Quisby is New Orleans’ newest hostel, and the most notorious according to reps.

The  Quisby has 30 rooms ranging from six-person shared rooms starting at $27 per bed up to private quad rooms with a starting price of $115 per room.

“It is a fresh take on the hostel concept offering both shared and private rooms in an upscale environment with a full bar downstairs,” shared a recent press release. “The convenient location, beautiful design, and modern amenities match the quality of a boutique hotel while the shared rooms create a fun social environment and keep costs low, allowing travelers to have a comfortable stay while still having enough cash left over to experience all that New Orleans has to offer.”

The historic building combined with modern amenities has made The Quisby stand out since its doors opened in January at the former Audubon Hotel location.

“The building was just sitting there completely vacant, and we saw an opportunity to create something unique to New Orleans,” said David Gindin, General Manager at The Quisby and one of the developers. “During the renovation process, we reached out to as many local craftspeople as possible and had them come in and throw around ideas,” he said.

Check out photos of The Quisby below:

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